Thursday, 21 May 2015


We went camping on the weekend and had a wonderful time.  There were a tribe of kids, a great bay and wonderful cottonwood trees to climb.  The string is long when it comes to nature play in our house we are all for tree climbing, mud playing and anything else nature serves up but I must admit the nerves set in a little when Miss 2 skillfully climbed to the top of the cotton wood trees.  They had never been pruned so they were like a big birds nest and entertained the tribe for hours.

But this blog is actually about spoons, an old but fun game.  One night our Number 1 Dad (sounds like we have others but really there is no 2 or 3 Dad) decided to teach all the kids spoons a game he loved as a kid.

Spoons is simple easy and loads of fun.

You will need:
  • A pack of cards, seperated into numbers.  Use a set of numbers(4 the same) for every player
  • Spoons, one less than the number of players

  • Spoons are placed in the middle of the table
  • Cards shuffled
  • Deal each player 4 cards
  • Players check there cards.
  • The aim is to get 4 cards the same
  • Players choose 1 card to place face down on the table
  • One player calls pass (the adult)
  • Everyone passes their card to the right
  • Players pick up the new card and check to see if the card helps to make there 4
  • Keep passing
  • When someone has 4 cards the same they quietly take a spoon
  • If other players see a spoon being taken they take a spoon to
  • The player who doesn't get a spoon gets the letter s
  • You assign letters from the word spoon til someone is spoon

Our kids loved this so much that on Sunday night, games night in our house, everyone requested spoons.

Our Mr 7 is very skilled at quietly sneaking a spoon, considering the amount he talks - must be his competitive streak coming out, we are very impressed!

Anyone have any old but good games we can play?

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