Monday, 18 May 2015

Backyard Obstacle Course

We have a lot of left over building supplies from our renovation.  They are stacked neatly against the fence.  And sometimes they just call our name asking to be turned into something.  At the moment they are yelling,

"Obstacle Course, obstacle course, obstacle course!"

And of course the response was Yes Yes Yes!

I basically pulled out bits and pieces and they started planning and making.  We used the edge of the garden beds for height, our old plastic play frame, some bricks and an old ladder off the cubby.

The kids made this on their own with a little help from me and once they played on it then proceeded to change it and make it more complicated.

And in amongst all this fun they were, planning, making, balancing, problem solving, cooperating and sharing.  And I was just the pack horse really!

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