Sunday, 10 May 2015

Mothers Day

 This Mothers Day I am looking forward to taking my gorgeous Mum and wonderful neighbour to the movies.  We live two states away from Mum so it is not often I get to do this.  We don't do a big celebration for the day but I do love how excited my kids get over buying something at the Mother's Day stall at school, especially our Mr 5 as it was his first year.  And I was very proud this year that as Nana was up they decided to buy something for her and it was all their idea.  The day of the stall all they did that arvo was talk about it and hide pressies and show me nana's. 

I am a big sucker for my kids and yep I do love the class made gifts even if they clutter my house.  I think what I love is their excitement when they give it to me and the look on their face.  And I must admit I loved my sleep in..................................or should I say may lay in, as my very noisy children were downstairs being very noisy. Miss Two was watching Peppa Pig one day this week and watched an episode about "The Noisy Family".............what can I say except it reminds me of us.  But it is nice to lay there all warm and snug and just listen without having to do anything. 

So here's to Mother's Day.  To the noise, the smiling faces, the funny little pressies, the snug lay ins.
To another year of fun, smiles, tears, hugs, trampoline tricks, books, frustrations, colds, accomplishments, terrible jokes that only they laugh at, sport, school, school lunches, lost library books, friends, whinny voices, going to the beach, holidays and all the little things that make our family ours.

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