Thursday, 29 January 2015

Mr 5's School Review

Mummy when are we going to sit down and write at school.  All we did is play all day!

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

A Letter To Mr 5

Dear Mr 5

How amazing you looked this morning in your school uniform. You raced into our room all dressed and ready to go, even had your hat and socks on! So big but so small.  I cannot believe how fast 5 years has gone and that you are off to your first day of school.  I have loved the past 5 years with you at home.  I will miss your chats, your jokes that make me laugh but are silly rather than funny, your smile, the way you chat to me, watching you play, jumping on the trampoline with you, playing at the lake, playing games lots of games and having so much fun.  Although I will miss you I love that you are ready for school.  You walked into class so confident this morning, so happy to be there.  I cannot wait to pick you up tonight and hear all your stories.  I hope you have fun, meet great people and want to go back day after day after day.

Love Mum

Monday, 26 January 2015

A Blah Day

Well it was Saturday morning and of all things I decided to work on our budget and cash flow.  We are generally pretty good at sticking to our budget.  We have to be we have been on one income for nearly seven years.  Yes our boy 1 will be seven soon.  But at this time of year we get all our big bills and I never seem to get our cash flow right.  Just doing this turned Saturday into a blah day and I was thinking man it is going to be one of those days when I thought I was going to achieve a lot but I don't.  Yep that cash flow wasn't looking any better as I tried to juggle bills and cash

So to break the blah I had a chat to my number 1 sister (actually my only sister, hi sis) and then my lovely neighbor who did agree that it was a blah day.  At least it wasn't just me.

On return I decided to do something........actually finish something I started 3 months ago.

This is what blah turned into

 Once little girl decided climbing out of a cot was fun I decided I wanted to give her a room that was inviting to play in.  Our house is small so any little space that can be created into a place space is important.  So I imagined up a magical garden room and with the help of Ikea and my home made play tent I am slowly getting there.  And after a 45 minute emotional moment for little girl last night she fall asleep in her play tent!

Hope it doesn't take me 3 months to make the curtains and paint the wardrobe!

Tomorrow is the first day of school here in Qld.  Can't believe I just made two school lunches.  Boy 2 starts prep tomorrow.  Wow, I am a little sad but also very excited.
God luck preps have an awesome day.

Sunday, 25 January 2015

My Organisation Mission

I am on a bit of a mission at the moment.  A mission for my house, my space to be organised.  You see I don't expect things to be clean, really I have three small kids, but I do believe that life is better for us and my day easier when we are organised.  We renovated our small duplex 6 months ago (a story for another day) and since then I have been slowly de-cluttering  and finding a place for the things we need, want and make our life that little bit easier. A challenge, as my husband is number one put it in a pile somewhere man and once he starts a pile we all seem to add to it.  I don't expect things to stay in there place all day.  If they did it would mean we don't really need them but I have started trying to make sure things get put back in there special place.  Each night now after bath and while I am cooking dinner my three kids put all there things away.  So far it is working for us and means less work for me and hubby latter.

Yippee score one for us!

Two weeks ago I decided I would tackle one small area of our house at a time and challenge myself to have everything put away before I went to bed with the hope that in time a habit would slowly grow and presto that small part of our house would continue to be organised.

I started with my desk.  Our house is small so I am not sure you can really call it a study!

Here is the before photo.

Look at those piles of organised chaos! Watch out desk here I come.
 Hours latter on the 10th Jan it looked like this.
 Three days latter and I had one tiny pile of working documents.  Go me!

Also have to admit that I took this photo to make sure my number 1 clutterbug (that's you hubby) didn't create numerous piles while I took the three kids camping for a week (yet another story me and three kids camping for the first time)

And here is my little desk space on the 25th Jan still looking pretty organised and I have to say it feels good!

Watch Out Kitchen Bench Here I Come!

Saturday, 24 January 2015

A Good Place To Start


I'm Tracey and this is the start of my little blog that I have been writing in my head for at least a year.  You see one of my favourite people has an amazing blog which we follow, funnily one of two that we read, (I really am not a blogholic) and I so often find myself doing something, and going oh it would be fun to write about this or wow I would love a record of that.  So after a year and a half of thinking about it I am leaping into my on little blog.

3 Me and Ice Tea is all about:
  •  My wonderful 3 kids - Boy 1 is nearly 7, Boy 2 just turned 5 and Little Girl is 2.  I have decided not to publish there names or photos of there faces because I am simple not comfortable with it. 
  • Me - A stay at home Mum like so many of you, loving life at home on the coast of sunny Queensland, dealing with everyday.  I often think my week and life is a little like a good bike ride, sometimes we coast along, sometime we are pedaling uphill and other times speeding downhill.  What a ride though!
  • Last Ice Tea - Well lets face it this blog is just my space to chat, like chatting over a coffee but I don't like coffee.  Not even the smell.  Ice tea it is for me with a little citrus and mint.  
So why don't you call in sometime and join me for an Ice Tea

PS - And of course hubby might get a mention every now and again!

That was easier than I thought!