Saturday, 24 January 2015

A Good Place To Start


I'm Tracey and this is the start of my little blog that I have been writing in my head for at least a year.  You see one of my favourite people has an amazing blog which we follow, funnily one of two that we read, (I really am not a blogholic) and I so often find myself doing something, and going oh it would be fun to write about this or wow I would love a record of that.  So after a year and a half of thinking about it I am leaping into my on little blog.

3 Me and Ice Tea is all about:
  •  My wonderful 3 kids - Boy 1 is nearly 7, Boy 2 just turned 5 and Little Girl is 2.  I have decided not to publish there names or photos of there faces because I am simple not comfortable with it. 
  • Me - A stay at home Mum like so many of you, loving life at home on the coast of sunny Queensland, dealing with everyday.  I often think my week and life is a little like a good bike ride, sometimes we coast along, sometime we are pedaling uphill and other times speeding downhill.  What a ride though!
  • Last Ice Tea - Well lets face it this blog is just my space to chat, like chatting over a coffee but I don't like coffee.  Not even the smell.  Ice tea it is for me with a little citrus and mint.  
So why don't you call in sometime and join me for an Ice Tea

PS - And of course hubby might get a mention every now and again!

That was easier than I thought!


  1. This is great. Congratulations on your first blog- I look forward to your future reflection and blogs. Hooray for you


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