Tuesday, 27 January 2015

A Letter To Mr 5

Dear Mr 5

How amazing you looked this morning in your school uniform. You raced into our room all dressed and ready to go, even had your hat and socks on! So big but so small.  I cannot believe how fast 5 years has gone and that you are off to your first day of school.  I have loved the past 5 years with you at home.  I will miss your chats, your jokes that make me laugh but are silly rather than funny, your smile, the way you chat to me, watching you play, jumping on the trampoline with you, playing at the lake, playing games lots of games and having so much fun.  Although I will miss you I love that you are ready for school.  You walked into class so confident this morning, so happy to be there.  I cannot wait to pick you up tonight and hear all your stories.  I hope you have fun, meet great people and want to go back day after day after day.

Love Mum

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