Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Organisation Mission - Revisited

Piles Be Gone!

Way back on the 21st Jan I was on a mission to organise my space, to make life simplier.  You see when my space is organised when things get crazy.........................and I mean rush home from swimming, get dinner on, do reading with the boys while entertaining Miss 2 busy. It is much easier if I can just grab the books we need to read or give Miss 2 an enticing busy bag.

I started small with my desk and the kitchen bench. My aim to have clear working spaces each night for the next day.

Well I started off great but we are now two months down the track and I have started to slide down the slippery slope into the depth of pile kaos.  So my promise to me this week is tidy working spaces at the end of each day.  Desk, table and bench as these are the spaces we function in all the time and if they are organised it makes it so much easier to get things down when 100 things are going on at once.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Snow Play in the Sun

Miss 2 was given some frozen figurines not long ago so I decided it would be fun to make snow.  So with the help of google we had all we needed to make snow and it was much easier than I thought.

All it takes is:
Hair conditioner
Bi Carb Soda

Put your Bi Carb Soda in a bowl or on a plate and then pour hair conditioner in and mix it with your hands til you have a consistency that you can mould or build with.

I have no idea what chemical reaction happens here or what the molecules are doing but it not only looks like snow, it is cold too........ some science magic going on there!  We even went and collected pebbles and sticks to make a snowman.
Mr 5 and 7 loved this to, but warning if you are a neat and tidy person (so not me) you might want to spread a bit of plastic on the floor.  We have easy to sweep flours so I didn't bother.

The snow can be kept in the fridge in a container and re-used.

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Remniscing Over Birthday Cakes

Pinterest and some creativity and chima loving Mr 5 got Chima World this year.

Today I am reminiscing over 7 years of birthday cakes.  Mr 7 turned 7 a few weeks ago, so we have been celebrating and as I sat up late decorating a cake it brought back memories of the last seven years including the many cakes I have decorated over the years........some pretty good others that make me laugh!

My most recent effort makes me laugh.  It was meant to be 1/3 Yoda, 1/3 Dark Vada and 1/3 R2D2.........mmmmmmmmm. 

This is one of my favourites Miss 2's first birthday

Everyone loves the Women's Weekly Birthday Cook book

Nemo I dreamed this one up I think

It's meant to be Toothless for my dragon loving boy

Again the Women's Weekly Birthday Book has the goods

For Miss 2 who loves to jump on a trampoline

My very first birthday cake ever!

How funny is this BMX track............mmmmm maybe I should stick with the Women's Weekly Cookbook.