Saturday, 21 March 2015

Remniscing Over Birthday Cakes

Pinterest and some creativity and chima loving Mr 5 got Chima World this year.

Today I am reminiscing over 7 years of birthday cakes.  Mr 7 turned 7 a few weeks ago, so we have been celebrating and as I sat up late decorating a cake it brought back memories of the last seven years including the many cakes I have decorated over the years........some pretty good others that make me laugh!

My most recent effort makes me laugh.  It was meant to be 1/3 Yoda, 1/3 Dark Vada and 1/3 R2D2.........mmmmmmmmm. 

This is one of my favourites Miss 2's first birthday

Everyone loves the Women's Weekly Birthday Cook book

Nemo I dreamed this one up I think

It's meant to be Toothless for my dragon loving boy

Again the Women's Weekly Birthday Book has the goods

For Miss 2 who loves to jump on a trampoline

My very first birthday cake ever!

How funny is this BMX track............mmmmm maybe I should stick with the Women's Weekly Cookbook.

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  1. Great gallery of cakes, cannot believe you have made so many. think I missed a couple. the trampoline? Don't think I saw that one......looks yummy. What can you make for me in a months time?


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