Sunday, 3 May 2015

Magic Potion Making

We have a long history of magic potion making in our house.  When I think about it we have not done any brewing in a long time but Mr 5 came to me over the holidays with one of his massive smiles and asked "can we make magic potions?"

Of course the answer was yes.  So they set up stirring benches, collected pots of the sandpit and containers and we filled a bucket of water for them all to share.  Then they raided the pantry.  The only rule I have is that when they choose what they want to add they have to ask if they can use it.  This allows me to monitor how much I have of certain ingredients left in my pantry.

The picked ingredients from the pantry
Collected ingrediants from the garden
Stirred and brewed for at least 45mins

And in case you are wondering I politely declined being the taste tester!

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