Thursday, 7 May 2015

Printer Mechanics

Our printer died and sadly these days it is much cheaper to buy a new one than it is to fix one.  So a few weeks after the death of our printer we finally bought a new one......................................and yes it totally amazes me that the ink costs more than a printer these days!  So our dead printer moved out to the front verandah to await for a trip to the tip and the new one went on the shelf.

After a few days of our dead printer going from collecting dust on the shelf to collecting dust outside the boys piped up and said can we take it apart.  So after school that day I pulled out a mat, placed the printer on it, gave them all the screw drivers I could find and a box to put the parts in.

And off they went.  They screwed and cut and talked to each other about what they thought bits were and who could do what next.  And they did it all on their on without me involved.  I probably could have sat with them got highly involved and we could have tried to nut out many things about how a printer works but I would like to think they learnt just as much from doing without me..........................just different stuff like exploring, negotiating, working together, sharing and I did her many creative ideas about what different parts do! Go my little printer mechanics!

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