Saturday, 30 May 2015

Process or Product - Painting Rocks

My children continually remind me that the learning is in the doing not in the end product.  often when we get out the paints I have an activity in mind and often my children's creative minds have a wonderful time taking it in a whole other direction!

This week I thought Miss Two and I would paint rocks.  I had seen a picture of painted rocks on and went we have rocks and paint, fun.

So I pulled out our powdered paints, some ice cream lids to mix on, some water containers and brushes.
We grabbed a bucket and went out to collect rocks.

My first reminder about "the doing" was watching her mix the colours, shaking on the powdered paint and mixing with water. Hint: if using powdered paint the more powder the more it is like paint.  Don't add to much water.

My second reminder was how painting rocks turned into painting hands and arms.

My third reminder was how painting arms turned into painting bodies

My fourth reminder was how painting bodies turned into jumping into warm water in a tub and our again to paint your body once again before having another bath.

Did we end up with some painted rocks absolutely!  But along the way she did a lot of "sensory and fine motor doing"

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