Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Take a Moment

Today I took a moment. We rode part of the way to work with our number 1 dad and had a play in a park by a lake. Miss 2 was enjoying throwing her soft doll off the play equipment jumping off after it and running a loop to do it all over again.  I looked over and watched the boys climb a Grandpa tree (a tree that was surely the grandpa for other trees there, hanging over the water) and I took a moment.  I took a moment to watch them. I just watched. I watched them confidently climb a tree. I watched how much they enjoyed nature. I watched them make games up in the tree. I watched them climb higher and higher and watched as Mr 7 jumped of a high branch into shallow water and I gave myself and number 1 dad a pat on the back.

As parents we often wonder are we making the right choices, are we doing a good job and today I went yep we are doing OK for our kids.  In that moment I saw happy, confident kids who were enjoying exploring a great old Grandpa tree.

I could see somethings to give us ticks about

  • Our kids love nature play. We think nature play is important in our house.
  • Our kids can play happily together and enjoy playing together
  • Our kids can get along, share and cooperate with each other
  • Our kids are creative and can entertain themselves
  • Our kids are confident
  • Our kids are happy to problem solve and create there own solutions

Our children are still all WIPS (works in progress), the idea of ticking every box really is absurd but today I took a moment to look up from being in the middle of it all and go hey we are doing ok.

Here's to OK! 

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