Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Bread Machine Donuts

Yep I am still obsessed with my bread machine.  I think this little obsession of mine may last sometime considering it has been a love of mine for at least 12 months.  Oh and have I mentioned it is actually easier to put ingredients in a bread machine and press the magic button than take three kids to the super market just for bread. Over the holidays I blurted out to the kids one day "I wonder if we could make donuts in the bread machine".  The cheer went up from the tribe so on to good old google I went and guess what donut bread machine dough is pretty easy.  Although don't expect perfectly round pretty donuts but they are yummy cinnamon coated donuts!

We used this recipe so pop on over and try them.  The only Tracey change we made was that we didn't use any cutters to make the holes we just flattened them out and stuck our finger through the middle.


The hungry tribe gobbled these down.  Stay tuned for our attempt at Jam Donuts in the bread maker.  Maybe a weekend treat!

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  1. Oh.wow!!!! Can you post me one next time you get a batch on!!!?


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