Sunday, 26 April 2015

Getting a Mummy Job Done

At the start of the school holidays I explained to my kids that somedays we would be doing fun stuff they like and sometimes we would have to do some mummy jobs. So today I pulled off a mummy job. Painting part of the outside of our house extension. The kids and I rode part of the way to work with our number 1 dad. We had a great play and rode home. We chatted about what mummy would be doing, painting the outside of part of our extension and we talked about what they could do.

The criteria for what they could was:
  • It had to be something they could do without mums help, Lego, sandpit, drawing etc
  • There couldn't be lots of questions or interruptions
  • They had to help each other
  • I put cups out for them and had a plate of food ready to go

Then I sent them off, once they all seemed settled I went work. And to my surprise and delight it worked well. They wandered around every now and again to see what I was doing. I had a bucket of water and paint brush in case miss 2 wanted to copy me and paint the fence or concrete but in the whole I hardly intervened in there play.  And I have to say there were a couple of times when I was super proud of them like when they got out the dress ups and miss 2 bought the dinosaur costume out for me to put on and mr 7 followed her out and took her hand and said, " I will help you put that on".

Here's to more Mummy jobs in the future!  Warning be prepared for the mess and in all fairness my criteria didn't include keep the house tidy or tidy up once your finished.  I think this is evidence that we definitely passed the mummy job day.

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  1. loved reading your blog! Don't know how you find the time to do it! Well done. I'll certainly try some of the ideas with G & B. They're coming around this weekend. H&N


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