Wednesday, 11 February 2015


Today is a Someday.

And here is my Someday Song.  Have a listen and you will know what sort of day I am having.

Awake since 4:30am.

No morning exercise, it was hubby's turn which is great he deserves it but on any day exercise is my magic potion even when I am tired it helps turn a someday around.  It is my 30 minutes in the morning to think without anyone intruding on my thoughts.  A chance to get my head together, sort a plan if I need one and I seem to walk back in the door a little more on top of things.

I managed a plan which involved school drop off, me and Miss 2 being at the park and then body balance at the gym which helped my someday. 

But it is my Someday Song that is really making me feel better.

Do you have a Someday Song

Thanks to The Waifs tomorrow won't be a SOMEDAY!

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