Sunday, 15 February 2015

Fun Family Fitness

We are lucky enough to live in a place where it is easy to get outside and enjoy our natural environment.  Our family have done a lot of nature play over the years.  From our house we can walk to a lake, the beach, along the sand dunes.  That is why we live in a small duplex because our location is sooooooooo great!

Years it seem like a lifetime, I was a primary teacher who dreamed up and started a business call Activation Fun Family Fitness.  It was all about family's learning physical skills to play sport and taking part in fitness together.  We all now we are our kids role models and yes we are also there role models when it comes to physical skills and fitness.  I have always played sport netball, dancing, running and even now I exercise most days, as much for my mental health as well as my physical health.  Yep family fitness is a little bit of a passion of mine so I am going to start a weekly post of simple family fitness or physical skills that are easy to do with kids.

This morning we headed out to climb a mountain.  Yep we packed the kids, the back pack for the 2 year old, water and snacks in the car. Drove 20 mins and started our climb of a small Mountain.  It was fun for all. 

We stopped and checked out all the cool things we found on the way.
 I remember playing with sap for hours as a kid
 We chatted as we went.
 Miss 2 amazed us as she took off up what is, a relatively steep mountain.  We had the back pack but she went up 3/4 of it on her own.
 We sat up the top and enjoyed the view and had a snack before we started our trip down.

And an extra bonus is that now all three kids are very content playing at home.

Here's our tips for making a bushwalk or mountain walk easy with kids.

Wear runners or closed toe shoes (amazing how many people were walking up a steep rocky path in thongs) it makes walking easier for the kids

Go in the morning when everyone is fresh and full of energy

Don't rush the walk let your kids be curious it will be fun for you and them

Start small you don't have to climb a mountain the first time around find a short walk near you.  Just google bushwalking tracks in your state and you will find one nearby

Pack light we just take a back pack for Miss 2, a water bottle for each of them and a snack

Put suntan cream on before you go so you don't have to carry it

Hope you enjoy a bushwalk soon!

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