Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Someone Said Dyslexia - Some Quick Links


When Mr 7's classroom teacher mentioned they thought it might be Dyslexia. I was actually relieved, scared and relieved.  Being a primary teacher I strongly suspected something was just not right but I hadn't quit put my finger on it yet.  He was achieving, actually over achieving, in every area but struggling with reading.
I had noticed in prep that he wasn't focusing on words well and that when he tried to read his eyes would flick off the words a lot.  This was one of my first clues that something was up.  So of course I went to google and discovered there were such a thing as a behavioural optometrists.  We went to a great local behavioral optometrist for an eye test.  The test revealed that his
  • eye movements were unskilled
  • he had a reduced ability to team two eyes together to sustain focus for a prolonged period of time on a near reading task.
  • reduced ability to team two eyes together to allow simultaneous and comfortable viewing of an object and showed signs of under converging.
He now has relaxation lenses and we are currently doing a vision therapy program.  The vision therapy program has been a positive thing for our son but more on that another day
After our parent teacher interview, when the word Dyslexia was first discussed, I of course went to google again and started to search for information.  Initially I was fussy about what I wanted to read.  As a trained educator I wanted information that was reliable and based on research.  Here are my top 4.

And once you start reading you will be amazed at the number of incredibly successful people who were and are Dyslexic

If Dyslexia is on your radar check these sites out for up to date information based on the latest research.


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