Sunday, 28 June 2015

Old Crayons - New Crayons

Sounds like the bok Old Hat New kids love that book!

Anyway I have had a container of old crayons sitting around filling up space forever.  Sometime ago I decided to make them into new crayons and had a sticky online to see how to do it and then the crayons sat there and sat there and sat there..................................

Well yesterday we actually did it.

We cut

and grated 

and filled our silicon molds.

Then we popped them into the oven.

It didn't work as well as we hoped.  It seems that some crayons melt better than others.  But we now have Moon Crayons! That's what we are calling them due to the lumps and yes we all decided they are rather ugly but they do draw and it was fun.

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