Friday, 22 May 2015

Confession to Kate

This is my confession to Kate

The other day kate at blogged about trying to simplfy home life and asked for ideas.  I have a philosophy to life at the moment. I Am Keeping Things Small and Simple so I happily shared my small and simple strategy to deal with the loads of washing.  I am sure others have thought of it before me but when I come up with it I thought it was revolutionary!

It came to me one day when I was totally frustrated with having to tip everything out of the washing basket to find one I went out and bought 5 coloured tubs and now when washing comes off the line it gets put straight in people's tub.  If I have time folded but if not then just thrown in.  That way if I have to go searching for things at least I know what tub to dive into and I am not throwing mountains of washing on my couch or bed.  Now things are in tubs we also get our big boys to put there own clothes away.

Small and simple it works.

So why confess?  Well my small simple coloured tubs are great and work most of the time. But sometimes when we have been camping for the weekend, have lots of washing to catch up on, are trying to grab things off the line before school run as it might rain.....................................Well the photo above explains it really.

Lets just say sometimes you have to let it go and embrace the Chaos!

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