Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Backyard Business

Over the holidays we had some backyard business going on.  We all got stuck in and renovated (ok bit of an exaggeration it basically needed a rake, sand turned over and the broken toys sorted and the rest stored somewhere easy or to be played with) the sandpit and resurrected our water wall.  Mmmmm another Ok, so actually we all started doing it together, but the minute the sandpit was half decent the three were overtaken by the sandpit creator inside each of them! Which meant I was left to peacefully go about getting finished what I wanted to.  And bonus I got the vegie garden done to as the sandpit creators stayed at work for a long time!

I actually enjoy doing outside work with the three kids as often they will get stuck into some fun thing and be lost for ages.  We raked all the leaves and sticks from the sand and turned all the sand over.  We made a big pile of broken toys and then I found some old baskets for no.1 Dad to stick on the fence to store toys.  We sorted the sand kitchen, our old sink from when we renovated the kitchen, and even killed the cockroaches we found in our cupboard.

It wasn't long before water was asked to be added to the mix.  My kids love sand and water, even at home which is a little funny considering we live 400m from lots and lots of sand and water, the beach, a place we more than utilise but at home it is still often our play of choice.  So with that in mind I set to work on the water wall.

We made our water wall about three years ago.  It is pretty simple recycled plastic bottles, pipe, zip ties and tape.  They are simply screwed into the fence.  Add water and you have at least an hours entertainment........Oh and yes it was holidays so we were having a pj day or in Miss Two's case a totally free day!

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