Sunday, 25 January 2015

My Organisation Mission

I am on a bit of a mission at the moment.  A mission for my house, my space to be organised.  You see I don't expect things to be clean, really I have three small kids, but I do believe that life is better for us and my day easier when we are organised.  We renovated our small duplex 6 months ago (a story for another day) and since then I have been slowly de-cluttering  and finding a place for the things we need, want and make our life that little bit easier. A challenge, as my husband is number one put it in a pile somewhere man and once he starts a pile we all seem to add to it.  I don't expect things to stay in there place all day.  If they did it would mean we don't really need them but I have started trying to make sure things get put back in there special place.  Each night now after bath and while I am cooking dinner my three kids put all there things away.  So far it is working for us and means less work for me and hubby latter.

Yippee score one for us!

Two weeks ago I decided I would tackle one small area of our house at a time and challenge myself to have everything put away before I went to bed with the hope that in time a habit would slowly grow and presto that small part of our house would continue to be organised.

I started with my desk.  Our house is small so I am not sure you can really call it a study!

Here is the before photo.

Look at those piles of organised chaos! Watch out desk here I come.
 Hours latter on the 10th Jan it looked like this.
 Three days latter and I had one tiny pile of working documents.  Go me!

Also have to admit that I took this photo to make sure my number 1 clutterbug (that's you hubby) didn't create numerous piles while I took the three kids camping for a week (yet another story me and three kids camping for the first time)

And here is my little desk space on the 25th Jan still looking pretty organised and I have to say it feels good!

Watch Out Kitchen Bench Here I Come!

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